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Dirk Claes

My first steps in photography date back to 1984 when I was the proud owner of a Pentax K1000. During that period, Me and my family crossed many National Parks in the USA, a prime location for nature photography. After these trips there was no time for photography due to many other activities and so my camera ended up in the closet. Many years later, in  2006, I bought my first digital device. It became a Minolta Z1. Despite the great pleasure of this mega zoom camera, I soon came to the conclusion that there were also many limitations attached to it. So my next step was to buy a DSLR. This happened in April 2009. Since my preference was for bird photography, it had to be a crop camera. After much research and consideration, the Canon 40D was purchased. After a long acquaintance with this device, I started bird photography in November 2009. I never followed any education or courses, I learned to master photography as an entirely self-taught artist. At the beginning of January 2010, this suddenly came to an end. A brain tumor was diagnosed, surgery followed and a long rehabilitation period became necessary. Since I spent a lot of time in nature before this rehabilitation, I was still able to continue my beloved activity. After the rehabilitation, the time for photography was greatly reduced, but you could regularly find me in some shelter. At the end of 2019, the time for photography was accelerated again and a new body announced itself. It became a Canon 90D. In 2020 I started in good spirits to make it a fun spring, but Covid 19 put a stop to this. In the meantime I came to the conclusion that my lens became the limiting factor and the search for better could begin. Since I wanted to stay with Canon, the choice became a bit more limited. In the end it became the next lens; Canon 600mm F4 IS USM III, a dream lens for every bird photographer! The photos on this site date from 2010. The site is updated weekly so that a regular visit is worthwhile.


Birds at the Kattesteert pond
Prinsenpark Retie 
January 5, 2022 - March 25, 2022




Canon 90D

Canon 40D

Canon 600mm F4 IS USM III

Canon 100-400mm F3.5/5.6


Phone : 0473542730
Email :

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